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What was the importance Constantine?


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March 06, 2010 7:30AM

His mother Helena was a christian, she was very close to her only son Constantine, who had a deep regard and affection for her.

It is possible he became a Christian because of his mother, the most important event that came out of this conversion was the establishment of freedom of religion in the Roman Empire.

The Edict of Milan was a letter signed by emperors Constantine and Licinius, that proclaimed religious toleration in the Roman Empire.

"When I, Constantine Augustus, as well as I, Licinius Augustus, fortunately met near Mediolanum (Milan), and were considering everything that pertained to the public welfare and security, we thought, among other things which we saw would be for the good of many, those regulations pertaining to the reverence of the Divinity ought certainly to be made first, so that we might grant to the Christians and others full authority to observe that religion which each preferred"

This freedom is the base of the western civilization and the constitution of the United States.