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to reassert Parliment's authority in the colonies

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Q: What was the intent of the coercive acts?
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What did the colonists called the coercive acts?

The Intolerable Acts

Why did the British pass the Intolerable Acts?

The Intolerable Acts (known as the Coercive Acts by the British) were passed in response to the Boston Tea Party. The acts were geared more towards the Massachusetts colony with the intent on punishing them.

What was An unexpected result of the Coercive Acts was?

An unexpected result of the Coercive Acts was the increased support for Massachusetts and its resistance to the authority of England. The Coercive Acts were originally meant to subdue disobedience.

What were the coercive acts and why did they fail?

why did the coercive act fail

Why did the colonists call the Coercive Acts The Intolerable Acts?

because they had no say in laws they were forced to obey

Port that was closed as a result of the coercive acts?

The Port of Boston was the port that was closed as a result of the Coercive Acts. British Parliament issued the Coercive Acts after the Boston Tea Party in 1774.

What did the British call the acts?

The Coercive Acts

What was the coercive acts nickname?

Intolerable Acts

Why did American colonist rename the coercive acts The Intolerable Acts?

The American Colonists renamed the Coercive Acts to the Intolerable Acts because they found them so unbearable.

Did the Boston massacre or the coercive acts take place first?

The Boston Massacre took place in 1770 while the Coercive acts took place in 1774 4 years later.

What was the colonies' name for the coercive acts?

The Intolerable Acts.

What was the colonists' name for the Coercive acts?

intolerable acts