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The north believed that innovation and a free labor society was better while the south was greedy and felt that slaves were the best way to get rich.

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Information of free labor vs slave labor?

what is the difference between slave labor and free labor

Was slave labor north or south?


Was slave labor in the north or south?


What geographic region relied on slave labor?


Did john horton say that African slave labor saved British north america?

The historian John Thornton says that African slave labor saved British North America.

Why was the northern economy in the mid 1800s not reliant on a slave labor force?

because the north was more reliant on machine work than slave labor because the north was more industrial than it was agricultural

What was one of the major economic differences between the south and the north before the civil war?

The South's economy relied on slave labor, while the North's economy relied on wage labor.

Why did the south have more slave labor than the north?

Because their economy was mainly based upon the slave labour.

The North and South held different views toward slavery in 1850?

The North believed in a free labor system and the South believed in a slave labor system.

How was the North involved with slavery?

First. some of the northern states were also slave states. Second, much of the slave trade and slave ships were operated by Northerners. Finally, the north purchased tobacco and cotton that were produced by slave labor.

What was the reliance on slave labor after 1680?

slave labor was more important

What was the debate between the north and the south over the slave populations?

The South primarily needed free labor in the form of slaves to pick cotton and provide other forms of menial labor; the North wanted to industrialize, utilizing child labor at ridiculously low wages and dangerous, sometimes deadly, working conditions.

Why did the north not need slave labor?

They didn't need slave labour because the North was more dependent on manufacturing and industry. In the south, because of their fertile soil, was more agricultural based.

Person passage to north America was paid for in exchange for labor called?

An indentured slave/servant

Why did the northern states and the southern states disagree over the issue of slavery?

they disagreed because the north didn't need slaves to support their ecoomy; it was based on things other than agriculture. however, the south's economy was totally dependent on slave labor to harvest cotton and other crops in the south. they refused to industrialize, keeping their regions mostly farmland, whereas the north had factories and such that didn't call for slave labor.

Why couldn't the south abandon slave labor between 1820 and 1860?


Did the middle colonies have slave labor?

Yes the middle colonies did have slave labor.

When was Slave Labor Graphics created?

Slave Labor Graphics was created in 1986.

Political differences between the north and south before the civil war?

the north and south had issue long before the slave problems came up!. not only of what state would be free but the culture, they did not truth the north and Yankee did not the south

What is the difference between wage labor and slave labor?

Abraham Lincoln thought the difference was only that wage labor was temporary and slavery was permanent.

How did the civil war affect economy north and south?

The North, with its factories and large cities, had less use for slave labor. Economic differences between the North and South, and the South's insistence on maintaining slavery, eventually led to war.~Emily

Is apple still using slave labor?

Apple never used slave labor

Why did areas of north America controlled by french have few slaves?

Frencj activities did not require slave labor

What are two reasons that lead to the civil war?

North wanted new states NOT to be slave and the South did. Also the North economy was more industrialized and the South economy was more agricultural and relied on slave labor

Why was slavery an economic concern for the north and south?

The North was afraid the South would use slave labor for industrialization and destroy Northern business

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