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What was the last year for the 4 cylinder 4x4 Ford Ranger?


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I believe 1996 was the last year Ford produced the 2.3 L - 5 speed manual transmission - 4X4 Ranger

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Last year of production for the Ford Ranger with the flareside bed was 2004.

Yes , with the manual transmission , 1996 was the last year for the 2.3 L - SOHC - 4 cylinder - 5 speed manual transmission - 4x4 Ford Ranger

A little more information please What model year and 6 cylinder engine size of Ford Ranger

For the ( 2011 ) Ford Ranger : 2.3 liter four cylinder and the 4.0 liter V6 engines It depends on the year of Ford Ranger

In a 2000 Ford Ranger : ( the 2.5 liter four cylinder engine , which was the only four cylinder engine offered from the factory for a 2000 Ford Ranger , not like the 2001 model when they started with the 2.3 liter DOHC later that model year )

The labor time for a 2000 Ford Ranger with a 4 cylinder engine is 10 hours, or roughly $900. It could be more depending on the year of your vehicle and for the 6 cylinder engine.

The towing capacity of a 6 cylinder Ford Ranger will vary depending on the year, axle ratio, drive configuration, transmission, and suspension. The average towing capacity is 5,700 pounds.

On the 2.3 litre Dual Over Head Cam four cylinder engine in a Ford Ranger : Ford started using that engine in the Ford Ranger during the 2001 model year

The 2.3 liter 4 cylinder in a 2002 Ford Ranger takes ( 5W-20 ) according to the Owner Guide

The Ford Ranger body style didn't change from '83 to '92. They changed just about everything else, though. Make sure you know what you're looking for.

Yes , I BELIEVE the last year for a speedometer cable on a Ford Explorer was the 1995 model year so the 1991 Ford Ranger would definitely have a speedometer cable

I believe the last year was 1996 , for the 2.3 L - 4 cylinder , 5 speed manual transmission , 4x4 Ford Ranger

Many of these, depending on year, came as an assembly and could not be disassembled from the line or the slave cylinder.

I believe The first year for the Ford Ranger as a unique model was 1982

In North America there is not a 2012 model year of the Ford Ranger

The 1983 Model year for the Ford Ranger 1/4 ton

( 1996 ) was the last year the Ford F-150 could be had with the 4.9 liter / 300 cubic inch straight six cylinder engine

What year of Ford Ranger , and what engine size ?

There is supposed to be an engine thermostat . Do you mean that someone has removed the engine thermostat ? What year of Ford Ranger and what year ?

The weight of a Ford Ranger will vary depending on the model and year of the truck. A 2011 Ford Ranger has a curb weight of 4,300.

That would depend on what year of Ford Ranger and what size of engine it has

Several factors are involved with the ability to swap these transmissions. Depending on the Ranger year, the bellhousing and clutch systems can be different sizes, as well as the mounts. With the year of the Ranger and the 6 cylinder transmission then you can determine if the switch is possible.

The 1996 Ford Ranger was offered in two different engines between a 2.3L 4-cylinder and 3.0L 6-cylinder. Rangers of this year had 63.35 and 77.60-liter tanks depending on model type.

No, the cab was lengthened in the 1998 model year.

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