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Please contact Browning on this question at the link below

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2009-09-07 05:10:46
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Q: What was the last year the belgium browning 3006 safari 2 was made?
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When was the last browning rifle made in belgium?

It has not been made yet.

What was the last browning a-5 produced in belgium?

Can still be special ordered.

What was the last year browning belgium 22 automatics were made?

Production shifted from Belgium to Japan, between 1972 and 73.

What was the last year that Browning made the Belgium A-5 semi auto 12ga?


Who made the browning auto 5 magnum 76V45317 Belgium or Japan?

your browning was one of the last to be made in Belguim as evidenced by the serial number prefix 76v.

What was the last year a Browning Belgium Sweet Sixteen was made?

Up to 1975. A few were still made in Belgium in 1976 when A5 production shifted to Japan.

What years were Browning 12ga Auto 5' built in Belguim?

They were first made and imported into the U.S. by Browning in the year 1903.The last year for Belgium made shotguns was 1975.

What is the value of a Browning belgium 243 bar in 98 percent condition Gun is last year they where made in Belgium no boss system on barrel?

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics.

When was The Last Safari created?

The Last Safari was created in 1967-11.

What is the duration of The Last Safari?

The duration of The Last Safari is 1.83 hours.

What was the last year the belgium browning auto 5 was made?

Production of the A5 in Japan began in 1976, but some Belgium FN guns were produced for Browning up through 1978. A special run of Belgian Mag 12's were made for the Browning Collectors Association in 1984. Keep in mind that FN in Belgium continued after the 70's to produce the gun for world wide sales outside of the US. These are considered "FN Auto-5's" and are not Browning Co. guns. auto5man

What is the age of a 300 magnum Browning Mauser action serial B11385?

That is not a Browning serial number. The 1958-1968 Browning dating system was of the format: <last digit of year of manufacture><letter indicating grade><serial number> An example would be 8L12345. 8 = year (duplicated between 1958 and 1968) L = Safari grade 12345 = serial number John

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