What was the letter from St. Paul to the Ephesians for?

The Epistle to the Ephesians was not actually written to the Ephesians, but was an encyclical to the Church as a whole. In contrast to Paul's own use of the term church ( ekklesia, congregation), which he used only to refer to a local congregation, the author of Ephesians used the term in the singular to refer to the universal Church, and the opening address to the Ephesians is probably a late addition. Ephesians is supposedly addressed to a community of only Gentile Christians, but scholars doubts whether such a community yet existed in Pauline times.

The Epistle to the Ephesians copied much material from the pseudo-Pauline letter to the Colossians, which was in turn written sometime during the 70s, and was intended to address a sectarian conflict that had arisen in Asia Minor.