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The Tsunami in Japan in 2011 was caused by an earthquake gesitering a magnitude 9.0.

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Q: What was the magnitude of the earthquake that caused the tsunami in japan on march 2012?
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What were the causes of the floods in Japan?

The 2011 floods in Japan were caused by a tsunami. This tsunami was caused by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake.

What number on the Richter Scale was the earthquake that caused the tsunami in 2011 in japan?

The earthquake was a magnitude 9.0

Why was it a tsunami in Japan 2011?

there was tsunami because the earthquake had a high magnitude,so made big that caused the tsunami

What caused Japan's recent 8.9 magnitude?

An earthquake and the tsunami. It was the 5th worst earthquake in the world. The worst disaster for Japan.

What started the Japan tsunami?

an earthquake (magnitude of 9.0).

Was there an earthquake when the tsunami in japan happened?

The tsunami that devastated the Japan coast on March 11, 2011 was triggered by the magnitude 9.0 earthquake.

When did Japan earthquake happen before or after the tsunami?

The Earthquake occurred before the tsunami as it is what caused the tsunami.

What caused the earthquake of japan?

The earthquake and tsunami were caused by a shift in the earths crust.

Are all the tsunamis over the coasts caused by the tsunami by japan?

yesNo, the Tsunami's were caused by the earthquake in Japan.

What happened in the Japan tsunami in 2011?

There was a 8.9 magnitude

Why did the tsunami in Japan happen?

The Tsunami was caused by the large earthquake that preceded it.

What natural disaster did the earthquake in japan cause?

The earthquake caused a tsunami

What caused more damage the tsunami or the earthquake in Japan?

well te earthquake caused the tsunami to hit so the earthquake did the most damage

Was there a whirl pool in japan?

No, there was an earthquake which triggered a tsunami. The earthquake had a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale.

What caused the 2011 japan tsunami?

An earthquake off the coast caused it.

What caused 2011 japan tsunami?

An earthquake off the coast caused it.

How bad is the tsunami and earthquake in japan?

the tsunami was caused by an underwater earthquake and it was an 8.9 which is very dangerous and bad

Why did tsunami hit Japan?

The tsunami hit because of the earthquake shifted the ground and caused the tsunami.

Which date did the tsunami start in japan?

The tsunami inMarch 11, 2011was triggered by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake near the coast of Japan.

What was the magnitude of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan?

The U.S. Geological Survey has recorded the March 11, 2011, earthquake near the east coast of Honshu, Japan as a magnitude 9.0

When did this tsunami occur in japan?

It was caused by an earthquake off the coast.

What crisis happened in Japan?

Japan had an earthquake and tsunami which caused and radioactive blow.

What year did Japan have an earthquake followed by a tsunami?

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred near the east coast of Japan, which triggered a massive tsunami. UPDATE: Official magnitude was updated to 9.1 on Nov 7, 2016.

Did god cause the tsunami in japan?

The earthquake caused the tsunami in Japan. And plate tectonics - which have been going on under the earths surface since the earth formed - caused the earthquake.

What was the largest earthquake in history?

The biggest earthquake in history is in Chile on May 22, 1960. It was a 9.5 magnitude earthquake and caused a 6.1 tsunami that went to Hawaii to Japan then to US West Coast.