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The main cause was the communist use of force to conquer a non communist country.

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there were many causes of the Vietnam war but the "main" cause was fear of Communism

Korean War, Vietnam War,

The Cold War and the fear that it would spread were the main events that led up to the conflict in the Vietnam War. The war in Vietnam lasted roughly 10 years.

The on going war in Vietnam was the cause for his sharp drop in popularity.

North Vietnam and the United States. South Vietnam wasn't the main combatant, because they did NOT conduct the Air War over North Vietnam. The Vietnam War had three categories: US Navy-Riverine War; US Air Force-Air War; US Army/US Marines-Land War.

it didnt cause it. it actually ended the war

Communist North Vietnam trying to take over Non-communist South Vietnam.

Most people accept the spread of communism as the prime cause of the Vietnam War, a battle of the cold war.

Because of all the violence and bombing

The struggle between Democracy and Communism.

The main part of the Vietnam war war was fought in the jungles.

I don't think there would be communism in North+South Vietnam anymore...that was the cause of the war.

Cause=Communist aggression in both wars effect= War result=Korean War/allied victory; Vietnam War/Communist victory

The Vietnam War Started Cause south Vietnam liked Cheese and was taking all of it and North Vietnam didnt get any. the year it stared was 1955

Their main weapon was persistence.

The all volunteer US military.

The Vietnam War was caused by the rise of a Communist government in south Asia. The effect was millions of American soldier deaths.

One of the main reasons was to separate the Vietnam War from the French War or French Vietnam War (which is often referred to as the French Indochina War; and lately, the 1st Indochina War). To makes things simple: The French Indochina War and the US (American) Vietnam War, might be the easiest way to remember it.

Communist North Vietnam was trying to take over the non-communist country of South Vietnam. The US fought North Vietnam to stop them.

During the Vietnam War, Tennessee sacrificed (lost) 1,291 men to the cause.

they fought in a number of places all over Vietnam one of the main places are Saigon