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The Great Depression

What was the main cause to the start of the Great Depression?


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The main cause to the start of the great depression was the Wall Street Crash in 1929.


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No, the stock market crash of 1929 by itself did not trigger the Great Depression. It was one of the factors leading up to the Great Depression, but it was not the sole cause and maybe not even the main cause. There was a mix of domestic and international conditions and events that caused the Great Depression.

The most popular belief of the cause of the Great Depression is the stock market crash of 1929. Economist still debate about the other causes. Excess speculation in the stock markets added to the causes of the depression.

One main reason the Great Depression ended is because World War II came to an end. The Great Depression began in 1929.

The Great Depression Ended because of WWII though Franklin D. Roosevelt's New deal program helped American Citizens it was not the cause of the end of the Great Depression WWII was the end of it because more people went off to war.. and that put woman working in factories.. and more people were in work. So WWII was the main cause of the end of the Great Depression and the New Deal helped too. By: Nicole (:

The main start of the great depression was the stock market crash in 1929. President Hoover did not hold action because he assumed things would get better on their own but he was incorrect and president Franklin D. Roosevelt saved the stabilized the economy with deficit spending until the start of WWII.

There were two main reasons for the great depression. The first was inflation, chiefly caused by the federal government flooding the economy with money. The second was the great stock crash of 1929, which destroyed the fortunes of millions who had suddenly had too much money at their disposal.

The Great Depression had an effect on many people. Over 12 million were unemployed. The stock market crash was the main reason for the Great Depression. Agriculture and farming were another important factor. The Great Depression last for at least a decade.The Great Depression affected people everywhere.

Yes, radios were one of the main sources of communication between the government and the people during the Great Depression

hard question to answer. as to put blame on depression may have contributed to the death but not the main reason , such as suicide .starvation , murder. robbery all these may cause death . but can you blame them directly to the depression? i doubt it

there were three main countries that was affected by the great depression it was the 1 united states 2 Europe 3 Germany

The main causes of the Great Depression are believed to be a combination of various factors. Some of the causes include failure of banks, reduction of purchasing in stock markets and drought among others.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt or FDR was the main leader during the Great Depression due to the large amount of help provided by him through the New Deal

Excessive borrowing of stock leading to the stock crash :) Have fun on study island! OPINION: The main cause of the great depression was the life style of the 1920s america. the people at that time did not save money. they over-consumed as they had high wages, and there were low prices. the only matter was to live the life you have and to benefit from it as much as possible.

A redistribution of wealth from the upperclassman to lowerclass, and government spending due largely to the build up for world war two were the main reasons for the ending the great depression

Great depression, League of Nations was formed, etc.

The United States had to curtail its loans to Europe.

World War 2 was the main cause of America getting out of the depression. The main reason is because it opened up new jobs. Women could work in the war, and more factories opened.

they didnt contribute to it too much, the main reason for the great depression was the stock market crash followed by lack of job availability, and the presidents "New Deal" Sorry that I cant give you a direct answer, but they didnt effect the great depression too much

The Dust Bowl effected peoples health and their environments

The biggest issue was the stock market crash and the beginnings of the Great Depression

The four main factors that contributed to the start of the Great Depression were: 1. Unequal distribution of wealth. 2. Over speculation of the stock market. 3. Increase in manufacturing/agricultural output but insufficient pay wages to workers. 4. Buying on credit, which led to debt.

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