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What was the main religion in Germany before the World War 2?

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2013-02-27 14:22:59

Christianity - Evangelical (Protestant) and Roman Catholic, very

roughly in the ratio 9:10. with about 50% Protestants and 45% Roman



There were very few Jews in Germany before WW2, at most 1% of

the population. They were a tiny group, but visible because they

tended to live in the larger cities, and played an important role

in German cultural life, despite their insignificant numbers.

The southern areas of Germany and the Rhineland were mainly

Roman Catholic, but most Northern Germans considered themselves

Lutherans. The percentage of Catholics in Germany increased greatly

after the 1938 Anschluss, when the nation of Austria merged with

Germany, creating 'Greater Germany'. Austria was overwhelming

Catholic which created problems for some Prussian Protestant German

government officials.

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