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Q: What was the major conflict the characters faced in the story get well soon?
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What is difference between conflict and theme in literature?

Conflict is a problem faced by the characters in a story. Theme is the message conveyed to the reader about life in general.

What is a conflict of a story?

The conflict of each story is usually found at the middle of the story. It is wherein problem arises. The story will end after the conflict is resolved.

What is the conflict of oli impan?

the conflict, issues and problem faced by the characters are suffering from a continuous poverty and thier family can sustain thier needs and the story shows the government has greater power.

What does conflict creates character mean?

Conflict in a story helps the characters to grow. The more conflict, the more the characters can change to overcome that conflict.

Who are the characters in the story the voter?

internal conflict and external conflict

What is the difference between major characters and supporting characters?

A major character is the focus of the story. Major characters are different at the end of the story than they were at the beginning of a story. The same is not so true of supporting characters.

How do the lives of the characters weave the central conflict of the story based on the story of a jeepney tapestry?

What story? No one has any idea what you're talking about or who these characters are without this context.

What is the main problem in a literary work?

The main problem in a literary work is known as the conflict. The classic story arch depends on the conflict, which characters work to solve until it comes to a head in the climax and is usually resolved at the end of the story.

What does the conflict do in the plot of a story?

Characters are the people in your story - whether they're human people or not. Conflict is anything that hinders your characters from attaining their goals. Plot is just what happens in the story. Without a good conflict, your characters have nothing to do, and there's not a good plot for your story.

Where does a story begin?

A story begins with exposition, where you are introduced to the characters and setting and conflict.

How will you give endings to an unfinished story?

Ask yourself 'have I resolved the conflicts, or at least, the major conflict of the story?'. When you do resolved the major conflict then you have a adequately ended story.

Is the conflict in milkweed internal or external?

the conflict in milkweed is external because my characters in the story are experiencing it.