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What was the man who looked after the servants in Medieval Times called?

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The STEWARD was the name for the man who was in charge of the lesser servants. *Another answerer responds: Men were too busy with war in medieval times. It was a woman who looked after the houehold and she was called the lady of the house. NOTE: This answer contradicts the information provided by the related link "The Medieval Household", but everyone has their own opinion.

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What was the buying and selling of goods called in medieval times?

The buying and selling of goods in medieval times was called bartering. Often goods were bartered at a "faire" where peasants sold their wares to nobles and their servants.

Someone who controlled the servants in the medieval times?


What was in the servants quarters in medieval times?

Servants and merely there possessions as they would sleep happily on the floor.

What did servants wear in the Medieval Times?

their clothes were made out of burnet and some other materials

Did women play in tournament in Medieval Times?

no, women didn't participate in anything in medieval times, women were looked down on and it was inappropriate.

Did medieval woman have maids?

Many medieval women had maids. Even the wealthier peasant families had servants in some times and places.

What did a watchmen in medieval times do?

They looked over the town and were responsible for secrurity.

How did the wealthy live in medieval times?

They lived very well with a rich diet and many servants

What did a nobleman's home look like in medieval times?

many servants, its was almost like a small palace, ench department had its own set of servants

What did nobles in medieval times use as tools?

The only 'tool' that a noble in medieval times would use was his knife and possibly fork. Every other tool was for use of their servants.

What did noble women cook?

Noble woman in medieval times would never cook, as that was the servants job.

What other names are there for medieval times?

Medieval times are also called the middle ages.

Did the court jester get good money?

No...they were servants of the kind in medieval times...i dont think they got paid at all

What were the occupants of a castle?

The occupants of a castle were royal members of society in medieval times such as kings, queens, knights and servants.

Who were the nobles in Medieval Times?

nobles were normal people in medieval times but they were second in the chain look: kings and queens lords and ladies (A.K.A nobles) monks and knights peasents, servants, and fields men

What was a bartender called in the medieval times?

they were called servers

Why where medieval times called medieval?

The etymology of medieval is French medium aevum "middle age".

Did they have lap harps in Medieval Times?

Sort of, but they called it a "lyre". The modern autoharp (lap harp) is a highly evolved version of the lyre.Another answer:They also had harps in medieval times, which they called "arpas". They looked almost exactly like the small lever harps that we have today. See related link, below.

What were the people called who beheaded people in Medieval Times?

Executioners. (And the correct question should be "What were the people who beheaded others in medieval times called?").

What is the craftsman's association from Medieval Times?

The medieval craftsman association was called a guild.

Who lived in castles in medieval times?

Queen/King Prince Princess Jester servants knight horse (its a dumb answer but its a Feud answer)

What are the warriors called in Europe?

in the medieval times they were called knights

What is the study of medieval times called?


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