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The bloodiest day in American history was August 6, 1945 at Hiroshima, Japan. Over 70,000 people died immediately on impact of "Little Boy", the first atom bomb. Nearly twice that number died later due to the after effects. The second bloodiest day was August 9th, 1945 at Nagasaki, Japan, where between 45,000 and 75,000 people were killed. As for American deaths, the bloodiest day was September 17, 1862 at Antietam - 3,654 deaths, over 23,000 casualties. 9/11 is second in line. However, 100,000 Japanese were killed in the firebombing of Tokyo in World War 2.

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Q: What was the most deaths and casualties in one day in a war in American history?
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Which world war had more deaths?

the most casualties in a war was the American Civil War with 495,332 deaths and behind it is WW2 with 405,399 deaths.

Which world war had more death?

the most casualties in a war was the American Civil War with 495,332 deaths and behind it is WW2 with 405,399 deaths.

Which war in US history had the most casualties?

World War II, if you're counting overall casualties, and not just US casualties. As far as American casualties go, the American Civil War.

War with most American deaths?

The Civil War had the most AMERICAN deaths

Which allied country had the most casualties?

Russia with 31,700,000 deaths civilian and military

Most casualties in any American war?

If you mean most American casualties, then I would think that the American Civil War would be correct.

What is the Civil War Battle that had the most deaths?

Antietam was a 2 day battle that had the highest number of American casualties that totaled over 58,000 of killed and wounded. Not sure what battle had the highest deaths, only.

Which war has had the most American casualties?

The Civil War

Which battle showed most American casualties?


What war had the most US casualties?

The Civil War had the most casualties because Americans fought each other. The Civil War had around 625,000 deaths,and over 1,200,000 were wounded

Which war had the most American fatalities?

The Civil War had the most AMERICAN deaths

What Human is responsible for the most deaths in history?

Mao was responsible for more deaths in history than even Stalin and Hitler combined.

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