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What was the most famous flower shop in Manhattan in the 80s?

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The most fomous flower shop is "Marilyn Monroe"

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What is a flower shop?

A flower shop is a shop that sells plants, not just flowers.

What is the most famous shop in the world?

Walmart has to be the most well known shop in the world

What is a good not corny slogan for a flower shop named the flower shop?

If it blooms, we've got it! Beautify your surroundings as well as the Earth at The Flower Shop. Mother Nature will appreciate you if you visit The Flower Shop! Beautify the Earth. Begin now! Go to The Flower Shop! Best Prices, Best Quality, Best Plants... To Sum It Up... The Flower Shop! Mother Nature will be proud, go to the Flower Shop!

Where is the flower shop in golden rode city crystal version?

The Flower Shop is in the most north eastern area in the map from the Pokemon Center. Just walk up till you see the Gym, then turn right all the way and the flower shop is there.

Where is the goldenrod flower shop?

The flower shop is at the right of the gym in goldenrod

Where to get the watering can in Pokemon HeartGold?

in the flower shop in cherrygrove...i think... but it is in a flower shop

What is the English meaning of flower shop?

A florist is another word for a flower shop.

In Pokemon emerald where is the rustboro flower shop?

The Flower Shop is south of Rustboro city

How do you pronounce the word The Flower Shop in French?

the flower shop is 'le fleuriste' in French.

Where is the flower shop in emerald version?

the flower shop is at Rustboro city ( near by the bridge )

Where to find the flower shop shopkeeper in Pokemon ruby?

on route 104 in the flower shop.

What do you call someone who works in a flower shop?

A florist is a person who works in a flower shop.

Where can you buy lotus flower?

flower shop

In Pokemon HeartGold where is the flower shop?

The flower shop is in the Northern part of Goldenrod next to the gym.

Where is the flower shop in heartgold?

to get to the flower shop go to goldenrod city and head straight up

What does it take to make a flower shop?

to make a flower shop you need a building, flowers, & customers

How do you do the glitch in the YoVille Gift and Flower Shop?

there is no gift and flower shop glitch but there is a beach glitch

What is a good flower shop in New York City?

Starbright florists seems to ba a great place. It is located in Manhattan. They specialize in special events such as weddings. They have plant rentals and provide care and maitnence. They offer same day delivery to all of manhattan.

Where is Goldenrod Flower Shop in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The Flower Shop is in the top right hand corner of the city.

Is Starbucks the most famous coffee shop in the world?


Flowers starting with the letter g?

Geranium and Gerbera Daisy are flowers. Gardenia is a flower.

How do you get the wailmer pail?

Go to the Flower Shop on Route 104 Talk to the girl in the Flower Shop on Route 104

Where is a flower shop that sells yellow roses on horse isle?

Shelton flower shop sells yellow roses.

Which flower delivery shop services are recommended to send flowers to China and how do you use them?

The best way to send flowers is to send them from a local flower shop. Most of the flower shops can guarantee that all orders will be delivered within 24 hours (same day flower delivery) if you are not satisfied with the freshness or quality of your flowers for any reason, most of them will replace your bouquet or refund your money.

In Pokemon HeartGold version where is the watering can?

Flower shop in the northeast corner of Goldenrod just go to the flower shop