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Two of the most important discoveries of the New Stone Age were farming and the wheel.

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Q: What was the most important discovery of the new stone age?
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What was the most important discovery of the new stone age man?

it was the ice man but that was more in the year with more clothes and stuff.

What was the most important resource in the stone age?


What was the most important invention in the stone age?


What discovery did the new stone age begin with?


What is the significance of paleolithic?

It was the first stone age, in which they learned to make and use stone tools. The people in this stone age were called the "Hunter Gatherers," because they were always hunting and gathering. Because of this, they were nomadic. One of the most important things that happened in the Paleolithic age was the discovery of taming fire. This made it possible to live through the Ice Age.

What discovery started the new stone age?

Metal tools

What is important about the stone age?

the stone age is important because the stone age help some of the people that don't have any money

What is the most important discovery of the stone age people and why?

In the old stone age, or paleolithic era, the most important discovery was that you could chip stone in such a way as to produce a sharp edge that could be used to cut things. All progress in the stone age depended on this. There is not too much you can do in the way of making things, without first having some kind of edge to cut things with. In the new stone age, or neolithic era, the most important discovery was that you could plant crops to create a more reliable food source. Even to this day, in the 21st century, agriculture remains the foundation of human society as we know it. We would be unable to feed more than a very small fraction of the world's current population of 7 billion people, without the use of agriculture. If we were to rely on hunting and gathering, it is possible that the world could support about 50 million people at most.

What do you think was the most important development made during the stone age?


Why was farming the most important thing in the new stone age?

It was important because they needed that to grow the food that they ate.

True or false the discovery of metals and the development of metalworking mark the beginning of the new stone age?

False, it marked the beginning of the Bronze Age and later, the Iron Age. There is no "new" Stone Age. There was only 'The' Stone Age, which was largely characterized by man's use of stone tools.

What waas the most important development of the stone age?

Language- they could communicate and improve on technology.

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