What was the most violent tornado?

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The fastest winds ever recorded in a tornado were 302 mph in the

Oklahoma City F5 tornado of May 3, 1999. However, few tornadoes

actually have their winds measured, so other were probably


It is difficult to say what was the most violent, but a good

candidate is the Jarrell, Texas F5 tornado of May 27, 1997.

Although this tornado never had its winds measured, the degree of

damage was the most extreme ever surveyed. The tornado completely

obliterated the Double Creek Estates subdivision on the northwest

side of the small town of Jarrell. Houses, trees, grass, streets,

driveways, and over a foot of topsoil were stripped away. Unlike

many other tornadoes this this tornado did not leave field of

debris; it left a field of mud. The debris that was found was

finely granulated. The only signs that a neighborhood once existed

there were the foundations of buildings, and the discolored earth

where roads had been.

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