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From 1871-1918 the head of state in Germany was the Emperor (Kaiser).

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Does Germany have kings and queens?

No. Germany has became a republic in November, 1918.

What are the names of the current king and queen of Germany?

There are no Kings or Queens of Germany. Various monarchies including the German monarchy where abolished in 1918.

What are the release dates for Cigars for Kings and Millionaires - 1918?

Cigars for Kings and Millionaires - 1918 was released on: USA: 2 September 1918

What was the German Empire?

German Empire is the name often given in English to Germany from 1871-1918.

What year was Germany formed?

Germany was formed in 1871. Before it was called Germany it was known as the Prussian Empire from 1701-1918 until the monarchy fell.

Who was leader of Germany in 1918?

Kaiser Wilhelm II was the leader of Germany in 1918. He was the last Emperor of Germany from June 15, 1888 to November 7, 1918.

Are rulers in Austria called kings or something else?

Austria has been a republic since 1918. Before that it was an empire with an emperor.

Was Poland a democracy in 1930 before Germany invaded?

Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and before that, since 1918 (when Poland gained its independence), it was a democratic country (however, wioth a kind of authoritarian government).

What is the king of government of Germany?

Germany ceased to be a monarchy is 1918.

Who is the current queen of Germany?

The monarchy in Germany was abolished in 1918.

Why did germany ask the allies for an armistic in november 1918?

Germany knew it had lost. The kaiser had abdicated the day before and the new democratic government couldn't support a war.

What year did Germany surrender?


Was there a revolution in Germany in 1918?


What was the population of Germany in 1918?


How did Germany finance World War 1 1914-1918?


When did women in Germany gain the right to vote?

1918, I believe, the same year women over the age of 30 (?) were given the right to vote in the UK. In Germany the right to vote included all women.

What ype of government did Germany have in 1918?


Is Germany a monachy?

No, the monarchy in Germany ended with World War 1 in 1918.

When was Communist Party of Germany created?

Communist Party of Germany was created in 1918.

What were the reparations for Europe in 1918?

Germany was to pay all the war reparations for WWI (pay the cost of damage for themselves and all the Allied countries). Germany was given a payment plan that was changed several times to pay for the $33,000,000,000 dollars in damage. Germany never paid off these damages as the last payment was given in 1932, when it was guaranteed Hitler would become ruler of Germany.

What allied nation dropped out of the war in 1918?

Russia signed a treaty with Germany in March of 1918.

How much is a 1918 half penny stamp worth mint condition?

You need to include what country the stamp is from before an price can be given

Who is the king and queen of Germany today?

Germany has been a republic since November 1918.

Did the US win the war against Germany in 1917?

No they won against Germany in 1918.

What are the release dates for Huns and Hyphens - 1918?

Huns and Hyphens - 1918 was released on: USA: 23 September 1918 Germany: 18 March 1929 West Germany: 26 May 1974 (TV premiere)

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