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There are several planes correctly associated with Amelia Earhart. There was also an autogyro used for altitude record attempts (many of which still hold as autogyros are obsolete). Her autogyro flights were sponsored by the Beech-Nut company.

  • Her first was a yellow Kinner Airster that she bought in 1921. Amelia named it 'Canary'
  • Her second was an Avro Avian bought in 1929 in England.
  • Fokker tri-motor on floats used for her first Atlantic hop, code named Friendship. This was a Fokker F.VIIB piloted by Wilmer Stutz. This was owned by a publishing company.
  • Lockheed Vega landplane ( high winged, red) known affectionately by Amelia as the little Red Bus. Either it or an identical production model is in the Smithsonian air and space museum.
  • (2) Model l0-E Electras, one written off in a minor accident in Hawaii, the other used in her ill-fated circumnavigation attempt known correctly as the Electra Project. The Electra had different N-serial and radio call letter numbers- the radio call sign being KHAQQ. The fact different codes were used for the regular serial number and the radio call sign (normally these are the same or related) may suggests something clandestine. The N-number roughly corresponds to an automobile "license plate number."

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Q: What was the name of Amelia Earhart's plane?
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