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We know precious little about St. Anne beyond her name. The one thing that you can know for certain about her is that she must have been an outstanding mother, and a very hold woman as she raised a girl who turned out to be not only the greatest saint who ever lived, but also the Mother of God.

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We know very little about Saint Anne, including the names of her parents.
There is no Biblical reference that gives us the names of Anne's parents. Nor is there anything in apocryphal mention nor anything in tradition

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We know virtually nothing about Anne as she is not mentioned in scripture. What we know is through tradition that has been handed down for 2000 years. She was Jewish and her husband was named Joachim. They became parents of a daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who became the mother of Our Lord. That made her the grandmother of Jesus. It is thought that they lived in Nazareth.

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Saint Anne's mother was named Emerentia or St. Marcella, according to different sources.

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Q: What was the name of Saint Anne's mother?
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