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Michael Jackson first vocal group was called the Jackson 5

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Does Demi Lovato have a vocal trainer?

All singers do. Even Michael Jackson did

How high can Michael Jackson sing?

Michael Jackson's vocal style descended from boy Soprano to High Tenor. This means that Michael's is the highest male vocal style within the modal register.

Does Michael Jackson play the piano?

Yes, he i playing the piano, the guitar and the drums. Of course he has a vocal career.

Did Michael Jackson ever tell Diana ross he loved her?

If he didn't she must have known anyway, he was quite vocal when it came to that.

Why does Michael Jackson sing with a vocal hiccup?

His vocal hiccups were to express the mood of the song. Examples are excitement and fear. Michael Jackson was not alone in this. The technique (formally called a "glottal stroke") is used by many singers - Buddy Holly did it all the time, and you can hear examples of it in Elvis Presley and Jimmy Rodgers work, too.

What year was Michael Jackson awarded for the thriller album?

Michael Jackson won album of the year, producer of the year - nmon classical, best engineered recording - non classical and best pop vocal performance - male all in 1984! All of these are Grammy's, Michael Jackson, may you rest in peace forever!

Did Michael Jackson have any musical training?

When he was in the Jackson 5 he didn't have any sort of training, when he became a solo performer he hired a vocal coach called Seth Riggs.

Why did Michael Jackson make weird noises in his songs?

it's a vocal trick like James brown and Elvis Presley used

What are some character traits about Michael Jackson?

The best character traits for michael Jackson is American musician, dancer, entertainer, vocal style, and hip hop. So out of all of those pick the one you chose mostly describes MJ.

Did Michael Jackson take womens hormones?

No, his high voice is something all of the Jackson siblings and mother have, he was also trained by his vocal coach, Seth Riggs to maintain the pitch of it, his actual voice was average and normal for man.

What instrument did Michael Jackson play?

Piano, but he was mainly vocal.Michael played guitar, drums, and piano. He is listed in the credits of his song "Morphine" as playing guitar along with Slash, and he solely performed the drums and other percussion in the song.

How to do these famous Michael Jackson vocal hiccups?

i think its this - tensing your stomach and kind of gasping for air at the same time.. this is probably a thing that you should try and imitate by watching videos.

Wha songs do the voca people sing?

The Voca People are a group out of Israel that do performing vocal theater to many different songs. Some that they have done include Tutti Frutti by Elvis Presley, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes, and I Get Around by the Beach Boys.

Who is the best vocal group?

it depends on your opinion

When were the vocal group 'fifth dimension' popular?

The vocal group 5th Dimension were very popular in 1968. The 5th Dimension is an American popular music vocal group which first started in 1966 and their repertoire includes pop, soul and jazz.

What Grammy categories was Bad by Michael Jackson nominated for in 1988?

Album of the Year Best Performance Music Video (The Way You Make Me Feel) Best Male Vocal Performance (Pop)

What was the vocal range of Michael Jackson?

Vocal Timbre: Spinto, Countertenor, Baritone (in the song 2000 Watts of Invincible album, for example) Highest note: B5 Lowest note : E2 Vocal range: 3.6+ octaves (E2-B5; 44 notes by the middle of 1980s according to Seth Riggs, Jackson's vocal consultant (Quote from Seth Riggs); in the 1990s, Riggs said the range expanded to 4 octaves. Apparently, due to aging, Jackson got few additional lower notes, while not losing the highest ones.)

What is it called when 5 people sing thogether?

Technical answer: Quintet could also be: vocal quintet, jazz vocal quintet, chorus, band, vocal group

When did Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal end?

Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal ended in 2011.

When was Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal created?

Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal was created in 1980.

Which album did Michael Jackson earn his 1st of many Grammys from?

The first ever Grammy Michael received was for Don't Stop Till You Get Enough from the album Off The Wall. He received the Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance in the 1980 Grammys.

What is Michael buble's vocal range?

Michael Buble's range is (from what I've heard) G2-C5 (falsetto); he is a baratone.

Who are Ray Goodman and Brown?

They are an r&b vocal group

Who was Michael Jackson's coach?

If your are talking about a vocal coach, His name is Seth Riggs.

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