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RAF (Royal Air Force).

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When was British Air Forces in France created?

British Air Forces in France was created in 1940.

What were the British and German air forces called?

British = Royal Air Force, RAF German = Luftwaffe

Does England have an armed forces?

England has armed forces. The armed forces are commonly known as the British Armed Forces. The British armed forces consist of the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Corps, the British Army and the Royal Air Force.

What is the RAF?

It is the Royal Air Force, the air-force wing of the British armed forces.

In 1941 president roosevelt agreed to exchange for ghe lease of british naval and air forces?

Yes, in 1941 President Roosevelt agreed to exchange for the lease of the British naval and air forces.

What are the branches of the British Armed Forces?

The British Armed Forces is the armed forces of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. includes three professional branches. The branches are: the Naval Service, the British Army, and the Royal Air Force.

Sas stands for what?

Are you refering to the branch of British special forces? They are the Special Air Service regiments.

How far was the British Expeditionary force dependent on commonwealth forces for its success Both Sided?

During World War II, the British Expeditionary Forces were fairly dependent on its commonwealth forces. They used the Royal Air Force, with also the help of France.

Which non-profit making association provides canteens for british forces in the UK and abroad?

The NAAFL provides canteens for the HM British Forces. NAAFL stands for Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes.

Who fought in the Battle of Britain in 1940?

The British and German Air Forces fought in the battle of Britain in 1940.

Is the SAS apart of the British Army or Special Forces?

The Special Air Service is part of the British Army ; see relevant link to further information .

When was British Forces Foundation created?

British Forces Foundation was created in 1999.

Who was the British general in charge of British forces in Boston?

General Thomas Gage was the British general in charge of British forces in Boston.

What is the name of Scotland's army?

Scotland doesn't have its own army. Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and people from Scotland who wish to have a military career join the British Armed Forces. British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force.

Who was the commander of the british forces in the south?

The commander of the British forces in the south was Benedict Arnold. He led his forces during the 1780s.

Who was in command of the British forces in the south?

The General in command of the of the British forces in the South was General Cornwallis

How do you apply to work in the British Armed Forces?

how doi apply to work in the british armed forces

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