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The Nostalgia Shop. Are you sure it was the "Nostalgia Shop"? I thought it was called "Collector's Comics"?

2005-06-27 23:08:01
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When and where did baseball player Walt Kinzie die?

Walt Kinzie died November 5, 1909, in Chicago, IL, USA.

Who was the Kinzie Family of Chicago?

The Kinzie Family, and specifically John Kinzie, is credited with being one of the founding families of Chicago. John Kinzie purchased the farm of John Baptiste Point du Sable around 1800. He established a farm, trading post and silversmithy on the Chicago river, within sight of Fort Dearborn, which was built in 1803. Kinzie had a long and somewhat colorful life there, including being the first person tried for the crime of murdering his then partner Jean La Lime. His life become intricately tied to the region and native peoples that traded with him.

How tall is Kinzie Fox?

Kinzie Fox is 157 cm.

How tall is Kinzie Kenner?

Kinzie Kenner is 165 cm.

When was Mary Kinzie born?

Mary Kinzie was born in 1944.

When did John Kinzie die?

John Kinzie died in 1828.

When was John Kinzie born?

John Kinzie was born in 1763.

Where can I get affordable plastic surgery in Chicago?

Jacob Carolyn Dr‎is a good one. He is at 20 West Kinzie Street, Chicago, IL‎ - (312) 245-9965‎

When was Walt Kinzie born?

Walt Kinzie was born in 1858-03.

When was John Kinzie Clark born?

John Kinzie Clark was born in 1792.

When did John Kinzie Clark die?

John Kinzie Clark died in 1865.

When was Kinzie Fox born?

Kinzie Fox was born in 1979, in Ohio, USA.

When did Walt Kinzie die?

Walt Kinzie died on 1909-11-05.

What is the birth name of Kinzie Kenner?

Kinzie Kenner's birth name is Nicole D'Angelo.

What are some of the best restaurants in Chicago?

The best restaurants in Chicago are India House, The Rosebud and Kinzie Chop House. Other good restaurants are The Purple Pig, Hopleaf and Piece restaurant.

When was Kinzie Street railroad bridge created?

Kinzie Street railroad bridge was created in 1907.

When did Juliette Augusta Magill Kinzie die?

Juliette Augusta Magill Kinzie died in 1870.

When was Juliette Augusta Magill Kinzie born?

Juliette Augusta Magill Kinzie was born in 1806.

When was George Kinzie Fitzsimons born?

George Kinzie Fitzsimons was born on 1928-09-04.

When was Kinzie Kenner born?

Kinzie Kenner was born on July 22, 1984, in California, USA..

When did John H. Kinzie die?

John H. Kinzie died on 1865-06-21.

When was John H. Kinzie born?

John H. Kinzie was born on 1803-07-07.

What has the author Thomas A Kinzie written?

Thomas A. Kinzie has written: 'Jeremiah' -- subject(s): Bible, Study and teaching

When and where was baseball player Walt Kinzie born?

Walt Kinzie was born March 16, 1857, in Burlington, KS, USA.

Who established Chicago?

In 1779 a fur trader, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, establish a trading post along the Chicago River and become Chicago's first permanent resident. John Kinzie, who succeeded him as a trader, is usually called the father of Chicago. Chicago was incorporated in 1833.