What was the name of the famous Dodge City marshal?

Wyatt Earp and his brother. They both fought the 1881 fight at the OK Corral in Tombstone not Dodge. In Dodge City he made friends with Doc Holliday. In 1879 his brother Virgil was marshal of the town and Wyatt worked with him. The gun fight involved Wyatt, Doc Holliday, and Virgil. Wyatt will move to California in his later years and become a consultant for early western movies. He told his stories of the old west to people like John Wayne and that influenced the modern view of the old west. He died in 1929 in Los Angles. Before he died he admitted that many of his stories were just that stories and never happened, but he is firmly set in our minds as the flawed antihero and gunslinger that is promoted in the American gun culture.