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I think it was the Sheldrake Hotel. Don't know if that spelling is correct, but I noticed an address for my great-great Uncle in my Grandmother's address book and it said, Rm 815, Sheldrake Hotel, 4520 N. Clarendon St., Chicago, IL.

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Q: What was the name of the hotel that is now The Legacy apartment Building at 4520 N Clarendon Ave?
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In 1895, a house there was bought by Eugene Field, dubbed "the children's poet" by someone (mebbe his own publisher) or some group. Field died only 5 months after buying the house. In 1926, a large apartment building was constructed on the site, and given the street numbers of 4240-48. Today it is 4240-42. The April 20, 1926, building permit (#4948) shows that the original owners of the apartment building were "Delott & Greenberg" and the architect was "L. Guiser." I was told by my realtor that it was a swanky hotel in the 1920s. I heard that it was actually a brothel. Al Capone used to frequent it.

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