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Q: What was the name of the land that got taken from Germany at the end of world war 1?
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Is there any country named Dutch Land?

NO. !!!! The Dutch are from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is thought that the word 'Dutch' is a corruption of the word 'Deutsch' /. Deutschland is the German name for Germany.

What was Germany's team name in world war 1?


Where did world war 2 take place between Britain and Germany?

As the name "World War" might imply, it took place across the world - one land, principally in Europe and Africa, and on many of the world's oceans.

What nationality is the last name Landis?

Swiss, Germany, etc meaning land destroyer(land+oesen).

What was the official name of Germany after world war 1?

Weimar Republic of Germany

A name of somebody or something that starts with g in war world two.?

germany germany

What is currency name of Germany during world war 2?

Germany's currency during World War 2 was the Reichmark .

What is the name of Germany's pledge to give Mexico land if they joined the war?

Zimmerman Telegram

What is the name of Germany cotch of 2006?

Jurgen Klinsman was the Germany coach at the 2006 World Cup, he quit the role after the World Cup.

What does the name German mean?

The name German and Germany are derived from Germanic which was both the language spoken in the area and the name of the tribes that occupied the land.

What was the name of Hitler's land claims for Germany?

AnswerGermaniading..ding..ding..wrong. The correct answer is Lebensraum.

Where did Bosnia and Herzegovina got its name?

The name Bosnia is thought to have been taken from the river Bosna that runs through the Bosnian heartland. The name Herzegovina ("herzog's [land]", was taken from the German word for "duke")