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What was the name of the rocket used to travel to the moon?

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Q: What was the name of the rocket used to travel to the moon?
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What was the name of the rocket used for the moon landings?

Saturn V (or five)

What was Neil Armstrong's rocket called for moon landing?

name of Neil Armstrongs rocket used for moon landing

Which rocket was used to send man to the moon?

It was the rocket Saturn 5 that was used to land a man on the moon.

Did the first man who went to the moon travel in a rocket or a space shuttle?

Technically it was a rocket because up til the, 80s' i think, they used rockets

What is the Name of the Rocket used to go to the moon?

There have been several rockets used to go to, or orbit around, the moon. They've been launched by the US, the USSR (now Russia), China, Japan, and India.Which moon rocket are you referring to, from which country?

Name of American rocket used to get to the moon?

The Apollo Command Module and Lunar Landing Module were launched using a Saturn V rocket

What was name of Vehicle used to travel on moon?

It was called the Lunar Rover.

Which rocket was used to launch a man to the moon?

Apollo 11, the first mission to land on the moon in 1969 used the Saturn V rocket.

What is the lunar rocket?

The lunar rocket was a rocket that was sent to the moon, such as the Saturn V rocket that was used during the Apollo missions.

What was the name of the vehicle the first astronauts used to travel on the Moon's surface?

The L.E.M.

What was the name of the American space ships which were used to travel to the moon?

These were the Apollo missions.

Are rockets used for space travel?

Rockets are almost always used in space travel. It takes the thrust of the rocket to push the satellite or capsule to it's destination. 99% of the time, a rocket is used in space travel.