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Coyotes are also called prairie wolves.

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Wild animals just like Wolves and Coyotes

there are many names for it. here are some: coyote canis latrans prairie wolf wild dog fox many people don't know the difference between coyotes and foxes and coyotes and wild dogs

The fear of coyotes is called agrizoophobia. This is a fear of wild animals and can be the name for many different animal fears.

You do not treat coyotes, you just let them be free in the wild.

Coyotes don't wear shirts. They are wild animals... O.O

Coyotes and lions live on different continents so they never meet in the wild.

they live in the wild they do not have a selter

yes are wild dogs in Arizona like wolves coyotes

They go hunting in a pack of coyotes.

Coyotes might carry the rabies virus, as they are wild animals, so yes, sometimes they are infected with rabies..

Yes, very few in the wild, some in zoos.

Humans, Coyotes and Wild Dogs, Wild Cats like Panthers,cougars, bobcats etc

Africa - African Wild DogsNorth America - Wolves and CoyotesAustralia - Dingoes

The main predators of wild horses are wolves, bears (grizzly and black), cougars, and coyotes.

Rabbits and coyotes live in dens in the winter. These dens may be under trees or in wild brush for example.

It Depends On The Location Of A Wild Horse But The Predators Of A Wild Horse Would Be Coyotes,Wolves,Mountain Lions,And Possibly A Bear.

No, coyotes are a species of wild dogs. A swine is a pig (hog).

Coyotes and wolves, if they're not the same thing. And Hyiennas.

they use the alpha male as a distraction so the coyotes escape and the alpha male leads the predator on a wild goose chase

Wild dogs are canids, along with wolves, foxes, coyotes, etc.

Coyotes do not have a special name for their teeth, they are simply called teeth.

Coyotes living in the wild typically live between 10 and 14 years. However, in captivity they can live 20 years or longer.

Coyotes or "bush wolves" are canine and therefore look like dogs. Because they are wild, they are often much leaner than regular dogs.

The average lifespan of a wild coyote is six to eight years. However, coyotes in captivity can live twice as long.

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