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Q: What was the new right felt that federal welfare programs?
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What was New Right felt that federal welfare programs . rewarded lack of effort and worsened poverty were key to ending stagflation and homelessness promoted economic growth and individual choiceto?

Rewarded lack of effort

What position did Jackson take regarding state rights?

his mom gay lol

How did Calvin Coolidge feel about the role of government in manging the economy?

Calvin Coolidge felt that the states should have the right to govern themselves. He felt that the federal government should not impose laws on local jurisdictions. Many other politicians of his time felt the same way.

Many people felt that the US had become a welfare state under the new deal because of policies to benefit which group?

disadvantaged citizensMany people felt that the US had become a welfare state under the new deal because of policies to benefit the disadvantaged citizens.

For the South the primary aim of the war was to win recognition?

No, it was the right to have slavery. The civil war was a States right issue. The southern states felt Lincoln would pass a federal law making slavery illegal and they felt each state should decide for themselves the slavery issue. Today we have some of the same schism concerning state rights vs federal law. The passage of legal marijuana laws is an example. Several states have made marijuana legal, but under federal law it is still illegal, so there is a schism between state and federal laws. Eventually the state and federal will have to align.

Did South Carolina want federal taxes in the 1800s?

No, it did not because it felt that the federal government was "favoring" the north.

How did hamilton propose to enact his programs?

Hamilton has a plan for creating programs that he felt found provide assistance to fix the financial crisis the United States was faced with. He proposed to enact these programs by establishing a national banking system which could be used for deposing government funds, a payment plan for all federal and state debts, and a tax increase on imported goods into the country.

Why was the Federal Election Campaign Act passed?

because he felt like it

How was the former slaves felt right after the war ended?

they felt verry depresed

Why did government want the Cherokee and other tribes to move out the south?

Very simple. They wanted the land and felt they had the right to it.

Is felt fireproof?

Most felt that you buy at the fabric store (not the specially designed felt) is not fireproof. Most felt will catch on fire under the right circumstances.

Why did the government establish the federal reserve?

because he felt the economy was making a big mistake by not having it.