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Q: What was the occupation of cotton candy machine iventor William James Morrison?
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What was the occupation of cotton candy machine inventor William James Morrison?

he was a dentist.

What was William James Morrison occupation before the cotton candy machine?

William James Morrison (1860-1926), from Nashville, Tennessee was a noted dentist, lawyer, author and leader in civic and political affairs. i got this from some website.. hope it helps.

What did William Morrison and John C Wharton invent?

the cotton candy machine

Who invented the cotton candy machine?


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What was the occupation of cotton candy machine inventor?

dentist dentist

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He played Tommy 'Machine' Gunn.

What is significance of William McKinley?

He was the king of the William McKinley Washing Machine. It was the first washing machine ever made.

When was the cotton candy machine made?

William James Morrison (1860 - 1926) was a dentist from Nashville, Tennessee.He was an avid inventor and has a number of inventions to his credit. One of them is the first cotton candy machine, which he constructed in cooperation with John C. Wharton. This electric machine that melted sugar and then used force air to push it through a wire screen was introduced at the 1904. St. Louis World's Fair. That's why he was called "Fairy Floss".William Morrison became later President of the Tennessee State Dental Association. St. Louis World's Fair

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Candy floss, also known as Cotton candy was first recorded around the 1900 century. Machine-spun cotton candy was first invented in 1897 by confectioner John C. Wharton and the dentist William Morrison.

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