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What was the official name of the Civil War?

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The official name of the American Civil War is the "War of the Rebellion"

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It was a civil war, which MEANS a war between the states. ADDED: The official name of the conflict in the United States from 1861 to 1865 is "The War of the Rebellion" That is the name used by the National Archives for their record depository for the Civil War.

The official name was The Confederate States of America. It was also called The Confederacy and Dixie.

The Union was the official name of the United States government during the civil war. It stood for the portion of the United States fighting to abolish slavery.

If it is the northern, and southern parts of US, it is called the Civil war.

The Confederate States of America (aka., the Confederacy, the CSA)

The Civil war was given that name because it was a battle for civil rights...

The official start of the Civil War was when the South fired on Fort Sumter NC.

The surrender of the confederate states ended the war

The civil war was the name of the war?

ok the civil war was named civil war because it was a civilization and it was a war between slavery

Do you mean the Spanish Civil War or the American Civil War?

Technically, yes. The official start of the Civil War was when the South fired on Fort Sumter NC.

Neither the Civil War nor the Vietnam War were declared wars.

For the US Civil War, it was called the "War of Rebellion"; hence the name Rebels. Also Lincoln's War.

The nickname for the South during the U.S. civil was was: -The Rebels or -Johnny Rebel or -The confederacy The official South color was Grey. But they were low on supplies so the Southern soldiers really just wore anything that they had. The official name for the South during the U.S. Civil War was the C.S.A or Confederate States of America. : )

Another name for the South during the Civil War was the confederacy

The US Civil War was also known as the War Between the States.

i was the peole that die in the civil war my name is Eli flynn

There were hundreds of battlefields in the Civil War, not just one.

Another name for the Civil War was "The War of Rebellions".

Another name for southern soldiers in the Civil War is "Johnny Rebs."