What was the original CIA group?

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OSS - Office of Strategic Services
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What does the CIA do?

Its mission is to collect and correlate intelligence abroad , provide direction and coordination of foreign intelligence and such other duties as the President directs.

How can you get into the CIA?

The first think to do is go to www.cia.gov web page (see below in links), then click the link careers. Then, choose a job and fill the aplication. The CIA doesn't accept resumes; You need to fill their own resume format. If you are compatible, they will call you and conduct a phone interview with yo ( Full Answer )

Where is the cia?

the CIA has headquarters everywhere but the two main places are in Langley VA. and Washington dc.

How do you get in the CIA?

In order to work for the Agency you need to have linguistic skills, prior military experience, or computer skills.

Does CIA fails?

yes the CIA does fail and has not succeeded on a couple things but all you hear about in the media is them failing so when you don't hear anything you know that they have succeeded

Who is CIA?

Acronym for Central Intelligence Agency. also Spanish for Company ( Compania) used something like (INC) often the agency is referred to as (The Company) or La Compania). serious business, here.

Origins of the CIA?

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was formed during WWII as the first US central intelligence gathering agency. In times of war, correct intelligence is priceless. After WWII, it was disbanded, but with the beginning of the Cold War, the US began the CIA to continue intelligence gathering throu ( Full Answer )

To what group do the Mennonites and Amish trace their origins to?

Christians of the Radical Reformation. Today the descendants of the 16th century European movements (particularly the Amish, Hutterites, Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, Brethren in Christ, and other respective German Baptist variants) are the most common bodies referred to as Anabaptist.

Why originally was the CIA created?

The CIA was created after WWII and the beginning of the Cold War. It was realized that the US could not afford to not be the beneficiary of good intelligence, for good information is power

Where did Mormon trail group originate?

Technically, they originated from all over the world. The first group that arrived in Salt Lake City left from Nauvoo, Illinois. Later groups came from various parts of the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Most groups met in St. Louis to organize and gather supplies before heading out on the trail, just as ( Full Answer )

Where do you originate from with a positive blood group?

Being positive - having a certain antibody on your blood cells - says nothing about anything except whether your parents were positive or not (and even then, exactly what they had cannot be determined solely from that information).

What happened to the original members of the group the temptations?

Paul- died Eldridge-fired because of altercations w/ Paul Otis- still with the temptations Eddie- died of lung cancer Melvin (Blue)- died of a seizure Paul- suicide but some beg to differ David- overdose on drugs David Ruffin was replaced Eldridge so he was not an original temptation b ( Full Answer )

What was the group Led Zepplin originally called?

On Sept. 14, 1968 "Led Zeppelin" embarked upon their first tour billed as "The New Yardbirds". They recorded "Led Zeppelin I" in October and played their first gig as "Led Zeppelin" at Surry University on October 17, 1968. There is some controversy as to who actually named the group "Led Zeppelin". ( Full Answer )

Is there a group of original black Egyptians?

Yes, there are numerous Egyptians whose ancestors are Egyptians for as far back as they can recall and are Black, especially in the south of the country. However, it should be made clear that not all or even most of the Ancient Egyptians would be considered "Black". Most had Mediterranean colorat ( Full Answer )

From which ethnic group do most Canadians originate?

There is no one dominate ethnic group in Canada. The majority in many areas are first (immigrants) and second generation Canadian primarily from Asia, Indian, China and other. The largest hyphenated Canadians would be French-Canadian's at about 25%. Many Canadians are ethnically Canadian (a ( Full Answer )

What are the thirteen original colonies by their correct groups?

The New England Colonies: Massachusetts,Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire . The Middle Colonies: Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania . The Southern Colonies: Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina . The Thirteen Colonies . Massachusetts. Rhode Island. Con ( Full Answer )

What was the original purpose of youth groups?

I think there young and they could tell others about Jesus andChristianity for this get older they can tell a even newergeneration and so on until Jesus come back and takes his believersin him to heaven for eternity.

Original group who sang begging you for mercy?

No No and No,the answer is not "Duffy". The song predates the year 2008. The orginal performers were a girl group and their version will always be the best. The classic. Please, for those who repond to this question with the reply " Duffy" ,do your research. I'm only a teenager and I know that.

Who were the original ethnic groups of Ghana?

The Guans are the original Ethnic group in Ghana all the other Ethinic groups came from some where. eg. the Asantes are from Mali, the Ga's from Nigeria etc.etc. Ghana belongs to the Guans

What does a CIA spy do?

They aren't referred to as 'spies'. The official title is Operations Officer (OO). Many movies and books portray CIA OO's as super-spies (invincible, able to do anything, ect.) Truth is they aren't out spying on high end criminals (most of the time) and seducing beautiful women and driving an Aston ( Full Answer )

How do you apply for the CIA?

to apply to the CIA you need to go onto their website (cia.org) and go through the application process there they will explain the details to you but as they warn you on the website they do in dept background checks that could take a month to a year so if you are looking for work soon you are lookin ( Full Answer )

Who are the original members of the group U2?

Rather unusually given the long period of time U2 has been active, U2 has always has the same line-up. Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam are the original members and remain the only members of U2. Initally, for the first month or so there were other members (Edge's older brother being one of them) however, ( Full Answer )

What r and b groups originated in Ohio?

Ohio Players Heatwave Roger & Zapp LeVert Midnight Star Bootsie Collins Isley Brothers Slave Men at Large The Deele Lakeside

What is the purpose of the CIA?

To gather intelligence on all things alien to the united states, conduct research into these subjects, and if required act upon the intelligence gathered. Basically find out everything possible about as much as possible so the American government and people have the best knowledge possible to make d ( Full Answer )

What is the mission of the CIA?

The main mission of the CIA is to collect and analyse foreign information concerning America's security.

What are the origins and insertions of the quadriceps group?

The rectus femoris originates at the AIIS of the pelvis, and is the only muscle of the group to cross the hip joint. The other three muscles (vastus medialis, intermedialis, and lateralis) all originate at the femur, around the intertrochanteric line. The quadriceps then insert into the tibial tuber ( Full Answer )

What is the CIA and what do they do?

The CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency. Its main job is tocollect and analyze foreign information concerning the US. Theirheadquarters is in Langley, VA. They have been accused of torture,and assassinations.

Where did the terrorist group Al-Qaeda originate?

Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that "Al Qaeda" is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied ( Full Answer )

Does the CIA have a counter-terrorism group?

They have units of counter terrorism and have jobs opening for analyst posted in the website. counterterrorism Analyst . Work Schedule: . Full Time. Salary: . $49,861 - $97,333*. Location: . Washington, DC metropolitan area. Higher starting salary possible depending on experience ( Full Answer )

How can you get in the CIA?

What branch are you looking for.. for obvious reasons they can't answer this question.. go to website and get the facts

What was the original name for the group Switchfoot?

Originally, the band was called "Chin Up." It consisted of Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, and Chad Butler. They changed their name in 1997 when they were picked up by re:think Records.

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EDM means Electronic dance music. The EDM group Cash Cash originated from Roseland, New Jersey. They first played together in 2002 under the name, The Consequence. After changing their name to Cash Cash, they signed on with Universal Republic Records in 2008. They first reached the status of Numb ( Full Answer )

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The group 4 Non Blondes, which was founded in 1989 by bassist Christa Hillhouse, is originally from San Francisco, United States. They only had one hit before one of the members left to begin their own solo career, leaving the band to split up afterwards.

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The Baha Men are from England. They play a style of music that is heavily based on that which comes from the Bahamas. Their most famous song is 'Who let the dogs out'.

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Mercury Rev is the name of an American band that mainly plays alternative rock. The original members of the band were David Baker, Jonathan Donahue, Sean Mackowiak, Suzanne Thorpe, and Jimy Chambers.

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The Sherman Group is headquartered in Minneapolis. Ken Sherman is noted for forming the group in 1987, who originally began as a commercial real estate agent.