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The original name was Virgina. Although it was allegedly split following the American Civil War, the entirety of the region was known as Virginia for the better portion of the Antebellum Era. It was given it's charter by the Royal Virginia Company, which was supposedly named for Queen Elizabeth, the "Virgin Queen." While true that she never married it is unconfirmed and highly unlikely that she actually was, a virgin.

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Why did Virginia stay as Virginia and not east Virginia?

Virginia wanted to keep their original name.

Who was the original name of the Virginia?


Which two states have the name of another state in the name of the original states?

West Virginia (Virginia) Arkansas (Kansas)

What was the original name proposed for the state of West Virginia?


What is the Original name of Virginia Tech?

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) was originally named Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College when it was founded in 1872.

Which of Americas original 13 states took its name from elizabeth 1?


Is Virginia a city?

It is one of the original 13 states- it is also the name of a city in Nevada.

Which of America's original States took its name from Elizabeth The First?

Virginia, after Elisabeth, the 'virgin queen'.

Who found Virginia?

The original founder of Virginia was the London company.

Who owned the colony of Virginia?

The Virginia Company had the original charter.

What state was once part of Virginia?

West Virginia was once part of Virginia.West Virginia- but the ORIGINAL state of Virginia stretched to the Mississippi River. The states of Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and, even a part of Minnesota were all a part of the original Virginia territory.

Where were Jamestown and new Amsterdam located?

Jamestown is in Virginia. New Amsterdam was the original name for what is now New York.

What was one of the original colonies?


What was the original state of America?


What of the original 13 states border Tennessee?

Georgia and Virginia border Tennessee. Both Georgia and Virginia were among the original 13 states.

Which of America's original 13 states took its name from Elizabeth 1?

Virginia, since Elisabeth was called 'the Virgin Queen'.

What original Southern Colony was later divided into two colonies?

Virginia colony split into West Virginia and Virginia.

Why are the 55 western counties comprising West Virginia not included in the maps of the original 13 colonies as it was a part of the original state of Virginia?

Because West Virginia wasn't a state until 1863.

What is the name of representatives of Virginia?

Virginia representatives name

Williamsburg was part of what original colony?


Who was the original leader of Virginia?

john Cabot

What was one of the thirteen original colonies?


Which was not an original American colony?

West Virginia

How did Virginia come a state?

Virginia was one of the original 13 colonies who formed the U.S.

What is the birth name of Virginia Martindale?

Virginia Martindale's birth name is Virginia A. Burns.