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the outcome was that the us helped the south vietnamese win the war and the north and south came together

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What was weakened by the outcome of the Vietnam war?

The popular support for Cold War theories was weakened by the outcome of the Vietnam war. It had also weakened the moral of the US military.

What was the outcome of the Vietnam war for France and Vietnam?

the Chinese felt hungry and ate all of them

What was the outcome of the Viet Nam war?

Communist North Vietnam conquered the Republic of South Vietnam, thus ending the war.

What was the outcome of Vietnam War?

It was the first conflict that the U.S suffered a defeat.

What is the political effect of the Vietnam war?

the war and the outcome of the Vietnam war ^ Who answered this question? He answered the wrong question which didn't even make sense omfg.

Who was losing power in the Vietnam war?

The outcome of the war was the that invasion of South Vietnam by North Vietnam succeeded, and the US failed to prevent the unification of Vietnam into a single, communist country, which it has remained to this day.

What was the outcome of the war in Vietnam?

Vietnam introduced some free market refirms opening the door to investors and they had to rebuild a land destroyed by war.

Who won Vietnam war and what was the outcome?

North Vietnam won the war when their tanks crashed thru the South's government gates on 30 April 1975.

What was the outcome of the Vietnam war compared to the Korean war?

The Reds won the former, and didn't succeed with the latter.

Political and social outcomes of the vietnam war?

Communist N. Vietnam won the war. So whatever political & social aspects are contained in "communism" that was the outcome.

Causes that led to Vietnam and outcome?

The cold war led to the Vietnam War; the outcome was also because of the cold war. Another words, had there NOT BEEN a cold war (which was created by the atomic bomb); the Vietnam War would have been fought normally/traditionally...with everything the US had (presuming nukes DID NOT exist) and the North would've been invaded...as in ALL US WARS previously.

What was the negative outcome of the Vietnam War?

Casualties for the people of the US; loss of esteem for the nation.

Explain the political and social outcome of the end of the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam; the Republic of South Vietnam disappeared. and the united country of just one Vietnam was created as a communist nation.

What was the final outcome of Vietnam war?

Communist North Vietnam successfully re-united with it's southern half, creating one communist Vietnam country.Unification forthe country of Vietnam.

What was unique about the outcome of the Vietnam conflict?

First US war in which an enemy country (nation) won.

What was one way the geography of Vietnam affected the outcome of the Vietnam War?

The answer is like, so easy, people who don't know this would be very stupid.

What was the military outcome of the Vietnam War?

The North Vietnamese Army invaded the Republic of South Vietnam in 1975, and defeated the South's military by 30 April 1975.

What was the outcome of the Vienam war?

The Communist North Vietnamese finished taking over South Vietnam after the US left.

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