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The outcome of the Salem witch trials was the remembrance of a situation which casts Salem into infamy. A hysteria had gripped the town, and the people of Salem had senselessly killed a lot of people.

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Q: What was the outcome of the Salem witch trails?
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Which cultural group held the Salem Witch Trails in 1692?

The Puritans held the Salem Witch Trails in 1692.

What caused the Salem witch trails of 1692?

the illness caused salem withch trails

Where were the Salem Witch Trails?

Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.

In which state did the Salem Witch Trails take place?

The Salem Witch Trials were held in Salem, Massachusetts.

When and where were the Salem witch trails held?

The Salem witch trials were held at the Salem courthouse in Salem, Massausetts in the summer and fall of 1692.

What colony was the Salem witch trails?

Massachusetts Bay

What year did the Salem witch trails finish?


What year where the Salem witch craft trails in?


Why did it happen Salem 1692?

The Witch trails happened.

Where did the witch trails take place in US?


Who was the defense attorney on Salem witch trails?

The Salem Witch Trials were performed in civil court, meaning no lawyers.

When did the Salem witch trails end?

it ended in early 1693.

How reverend hale stop the Salem witch trails?

He didnt

How could the Salem witch trails been avoided?


What year were the Salem witch trails?

March 1, 1692.

Who accused people of witchcraft at the Salem Witch Trails?


Who ended yhe witch trails?

Governor Phipps ended the Salem witch trials.

What Salem did the Salem witch trails take place in?

Salem, Massachusetts, which is located near the New Hampshire Border.

What does Salem witch trails and US treatment of terror suspects have in common?

The salem witch trials had salem freaked out which is kinda the same for the terror we have here in the US

The1692 Salem witch trails took place in which state?


Who was the oldest in the Salem Witch Trails?

Giles Corey, who was around 80

What are the dates of the Salem Witch Trails?

February, 1692 - May, 1693.

How quickly did things get out of hand during the Salem witch trails?


Who was the chief justice during the Salem witch trails?

William Stoughton

What was Salem Essex County Massachusetts' known as in 1641?

Answer The famous witch trails took place in Salem.