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What was the outcome of the atomic bombing of hiroshima?

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2013-04-02 19:17:07

The bombing destroyed Hiroshima, killing the majority of its

populace and ending its contribution to the Japanese war effort.

However, as foreseen by the US, the bombing did not bring immediate

Japanese capitulation. Although the attack was unprecedented in the

scope of devastation, it was not immediately clear if the US claims

about it were factual. The leaders of Japan were much more

thoroughly awed when a second city, Nagasaki, was similarly

destroyed 3 days later. Within a week they had sued for peace, with

their Emperor himself declaring that the Japanese faced utter

annihilation unless they surrendered. (To his military, he instead

stressed that Japan could not logistically counter the threat posed

by the Soviet invasion of Manchuria.)

In the longer scale, the bombings set the stage for the Cold War

nuclear stockpiles by the US and Russia, notable for the fact that

they could never be used with impunity.

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