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Q: What was the people's attitude towards the group areas act?
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What is an informal group in sociology?

Sociology is the analysis of personal communal attitude and all its traits. Sociologists have categorized different humans into groups, an informal group is known as a body of people engaged towards a united goal.

What groups occupied the area north of rome?

The areas north of the Roman Empire were inhabited mostly by Germanic peoples. Germanic is a term which stands for a linguistic group which comprise German, Dutch Danish, Swedish Norwegian and English. These Germanic peoples were the ancestor of these nations. In some areas of eastern Europe there were also Iranian-speaking peoples, such as the Scythians.

What positive attitude that begin with the letter c in a group?

Not sure what you mean by in a group, but another word for a positive attitude that starts with a c is Chipper. :)

What is the cluster of a teacher?

good teacher is to give their attention to all the group of peoples. The teacher should read group peoples psychology.

What is A group of peoples way of life?


What are the factors of small group communication?

Group Size Communication Flow Attitude of Members Group Ecology Leadership

Differences between team and group?

When peoples placed together they are group, when the group work together then the group become team.

An unjustifiable hostile attitude toward a group of people is?

Its Prejudice!

Attitude that one's own ethnic group is superior?

i do not knou it

What is unfair opinion or attitude to a person group called?

A prejudice.

What is an attitude or opinion about a person group or race without taking time to judge fairly?

This attitude may be bad or unjustified.

What is a sentence using the word peoples?

Peoples can be used in many sentences. It is the plural form of people. It is used when discussing more than one group of people.The peoples of Asia are rather intriguing.In this example, peoples is implying that there is more than one group of people in Asia.

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