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The Marshall Plan.

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Q: What was the plan for European recovery after World War 2?
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What was the name of the economic recovery plan administered by the US after World War 2?

The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program or the ERP) .

What plan did the US propose to rebuild after World War 2?

European Recovery Program (official name of the Marshall Plan) .

What was The US plan to aid Europe after World War 2 was known as?

The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP).

What is an economic aid package designed to give European nations the aid needed to rebuild after world war 2?

The ERP . The European Recovery Plan or the Marshal Plan .

When was marhall plan?

It was also known as The European Recovery Programme, a plan for American aid and economic support to rebuild Europe after the second World War

What was the name the name for the us plan to rebuild Europe after world war 2?

The Marshall Plan , also known asthe European Recovery Program : ERP .

The loan program to help rebuild Europe after World War 2 was called the?

The Marshall Plan or European Recovery Program, ERP .

What was the aim of the Marshall Plan a program sponsored by the United States?

Marshall Plan, or the European Recovery Program, was the American program to aid Europe to help rebuild European economies after the end of World War II.

What was the massive American recovery plan for the European nations after World War II?

It was called the European Recovery Plan (ERP).It was eventually called the Marshall Plan, after General George C. Marshall, who became Secretary of State under President Harry Truman (1947-1949) and was later briefly Secretary of Defense.

After World War 2 Europe received large amounts of financial aid because of the?

That would be the The Marshall Plan (European Recovery Program : ERP) .

What economical recovery plan was similar to the Treaty of Versailles in World War 2?

Morgenthau Plan

Through what program did the US assist in Europe's economic renewal after World War 2?

The ERP - European Recovery Program which is also known as the Marshall Plan .

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