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1. The North and South where fighting over slavery

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The Northern States gained political and economic control of the Southern States which has lasted to the present day.

The impact that the Civil War had on the North and the South was: North: * North abolished slavery after the war because of the Emancipation Proclamation South * South grew poor * South experienced inflation

impact on the south and north were many like the amenment .

When the south and north were fighting for freedom in the civil war

After the war, the south rejoined the north, and slavery was emancipated.

Slavery and political differences between them.

The political strategy was to stop the European nations from recognizing the Confederacy.

well the political reason for the north is to perserve the union...

Yes, the north won the Civil War.

In the civil war, the North was called the Union.

The north won the civil war.

civil war was a war and political rights are rights

Impact of Drone attacks and interference from rival neighbors are cause of unrest in Pakistan , it can't be said civil war , but there is political war between PPP , PMLN , PTI , MQM and so on .

The economic consequences of the Civil War are largely due to Northern control of the federal government during and after the war. It stimulated the industrial revolution in the North. The effects were devastating in the South.

MacArthur was the leader of the attack n North Korea and south korea civil war :)

The north was effected by the civil war in different ways. Racism spread as the whites felt their need for superiority grow. The North had kept the country united, but it was still in shambles. They had to fight with a south that they distrusted and try to mend conflicts.

Secession can be thought of as the climax of tensions between the North and South. It really split the nation in half and resulted in the beginning of the civil war shortly afterwards.

The North won the Civil War by General Lee from the South surrendered to the North.

The Civil War caused tremendous political, economic, technological, and social change in the United States

No- the South seceeded from the North, which was a cause of the Civil War

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