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What was the price of a pint of beer in 1943 In England?


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In 1943 a pint of beer was 5p (or 1 shilling)

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9d for a pint of mild 11d for a pint of bitter

As I recall, in Cardiff in 1961it was about 1s and 2d a pint, i.e. about 6p a pint

In England for a pint its about a quid

just prior to decimilisation a pint of ber was 1s 11d

The average price is 4.67 Euro per pint.

Beer may be sold in any quantity, provided that the price list shows how much you're buying and what it will cost. Strong beers are commonly sold in 1/3 pint measures; some pubs offer 'tasters' of 4 or 5 different beers and charge around the price of a pint.

In my pub a pint of domestic beer is $5.50 Canadian.

a pint of beer usually has about a 180 calories

Depending on the beer, the average calories in a pint is 243 calories per pint. Light beer is about 100 calories less.

on average a pint of bitter was 32 pence a pint, allowing the average wage earner to buy approx 5.5 pints with an hours wage.

1959 Conservative government chancellor, Rab. Butler reduced beer by 2 old pence, from one shilling and two pence to one shilling per pint.

pint of mild as i remember was 18 p and bitter was 20 p and lager 24 p

There are 16 fluid ounces of beer in a pint. Or 20 fluid ounces for an imperial pint

the price of a pint of lager in 1985 was around 90p! in east London area!! i know this because when the price went up to £1.01p in our local for a pint of castlemaine xxxx in 1986! there was an outcry of people that couldn't believe they were payin £1.00 for a int of lager!! its now £2.70 in the same boozer!! happy days!!

At my place it was $3 for a good micro-brewed ale. $2. for Budweiser.

A pint of beer in the United Kingdom sold for 15 pence in 1975. In the United States a pint of beer sold for 25 cents in 1975.

Uhhh... maybe a pint of beer?

A pint of beer is approximately $5.

A pint of beer is 16 oz (US) or 20 oz (Imperial), depending what pint you use. In Ibiza beer is most likely sold in litres.

At the Savoy? Not at Cowpen Coronation working man’s club in Blyth. 90p tops

There are 20 liquid ounces in an imperial pint 16 in a u.s. pint. Actually, the Imperial pint is 20% greater than a U.S. pint, 1 Imperial pint = 19.2152068 US fluid ounces Important if you're drinking your beer in pints in England.

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