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Q: What was the process used by legislative body to bring charges of wrongdoings against a public official?
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To level formal charges against an official?


When a government official is the House of Representatives has brought an official statement of charges against them?


Who hears impeachment charges against a government official?

The senate

The charges against an accused government official must be drawn up in the?

no clue. get a life

What is the process called of bringing charges against public official?

Civil Values

What term describes the filing of charges against a major federal official by the house of representative's?


In the Texas Legislature what chamber is responsible for bringing impeachment charges against a state official?

The governor of Texas

Are impeached official can run for a new public office such as senator?

Yes. Impeachment does not mean to be removed from office, it means to have charges brought against the elected official.

What means to bring charges against publics official for high crimes?

The term impeachment means to charge a public official with a criminal act, and remove them from office.

What is the process by which congress may remove a member of the executive or judicial branch from office?

The legislative branch may remove a member of the executive or judicial branch from office through a process known as impeachment. The actual impeachment is the first step in the process, when the charges are being leveled against the accused official. If convicted on those charges, the official can then be removed from office.

What branch of government can check the power of the judicary by exercising the power of impeachment?

The Legislative branch.Impeachment is a two-step process involving both houses of Congress.The House of Representatives files articles of impeachment, in a process similar to a criminal court indictment. If the House of Representatives votes to impeach the official, the Senate conducts a trial to determine if the person is guilty of the charges. If two-thirds of the Senate votes against the official, then he or she is removed from office (or from the bench). If the Senate fails to achieve a two-thirds vote, the official is acquitted.For more information, see Related Questions, below.

The bringing of charges against a public official that requires a majority (2/3) vote in the House of Representatives is called?