Vietnam War

What was the purpose did the Vietnam war serve?


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An attempt to stop communist aggression.

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As in WW2 and the Korean War, Women primarily served as nurses during the Vietnam War.

If it's not on his discharge papers, he didn't serve.

Nixon served in the USN during WWII; he was commander in chief during the Vietnam War.

Nape cleared forests quickly but temporarily; agent orange cleared them slowly but almost permanently.

The men drafted to serve in the military during the Vietnam War were ages 18 to 25 years old.

The Vietnam War is considered an American loss. Its purpose was to prevent North Vietnam from becoming a Communist government, and this effort proved unsuccessful.

The purpose of agent orange was to deprive the enemy of shelter,forcing them out into the open and theoretically making it easierto fight them also to crops that might feed the enemy.

He was probably too young to have fought in the war.

At the height of the Vietnam War, there were about 500,000 American soldiers in the country at any given time. Over the course of the war, about 2 million served in the nation of Vietnam.

Women volunteered for the military, and in most cases, volunteered for Vietnam; nearly all served as nurses.

Men didn't want to serve in the military.

Dylan did not serve because when the war began, he was not old enough to serve. And by the time he WAS old enough to serve, he had already began his musical career, which was fate, as he said in a recent interview.

What purpose would that serve.

African-Americans made up 12.6% of the American soldiers in Vietnam in the Vietnam War. This was the highest proportion of African Americans to serve in an American war. Subsequently, African-American soldiers increased significantly by the end of the war.

Ask to see his DD214. If it's not on that document; he wasn't there.

The United States entered the Vietnam conflict to prevent Southeast Asian countries from falling to the Communists.

It diverted grain to what was seen as the war effort.

to honor the veterans of the war because they fought for their country what do u think? to honor the soldiers that died in or from wounds during the Vietnam War

Because they were designed, and built right, and built for a purpose.

Mostly confusion over cause, purpose and who was actually fighting who.

Purpose. At the time (the 1960s) the purpose was to stop communism. In the 1930s/1940s the purpose was to stop Nazism & Imperialism. During the 1860s in the US the purpose was to stop slavery. Each era (time) has it's own purpose.

To honor and memorialize the lives of the nearly 60,000 Americans who died in the Vietnam War, and to those whose whereabouts are still unknown.

No. He had resigned from his army commission by 1952. Truman asked him to step down as General of the Army. This is well before Vietnam.

No he didn't. He was a student during the Vietnam War, and received 2 deferments from the draft.

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