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What was the purpose of the British prison ships?

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The British prison ships held civilian internees. These internees were waiting to be transported to the British penal colonies in Australia.

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How many British prison ships were there?


What was the purpose of british prison ships?

British prison ships were a common form of internment in Britain and elsewhere in the 18th and 19th centuries. Charles F. Campbell writes that around 40 ships of the British Navy were converted for use as prison hulks. One was established at Gibraltar, others at Bermuda, at Antigua, and off Brooklyn in Wallabout Bay and Sheerness. Other hulks were anchored off Woolwich, Portsmouth, Chatham, Deptford, and Plymouth[3]. Private companies owned and operated the hulks holding prisoners bound for penal transportation. Prison ships were also used to detain prisoners-of-war during the revolutionary wars and the Napoleonic wars. ( Wikipedia ).

In the book Great Expectations what are the prison ships called?

The prison ships were called the Hulks.

Where were British prison ships often anchored during uprisings?

On the River Thames between Blckfriers Bridge and Greenwich

Did Elizabeth Burgin help with The American Revolutionary War?

Yes, she helped American prisoners escape from the British prison ships.

How did the British respond to the raids on their ships?

the British responded to the raids on their ships because they captured americans ships and faced them into the british navy.

What were prison ships like?


What happens to Tim's father in the novel My Brother Sam is Dead?

Tim's father is taken by some Patriots and dies on the British prison ships from a disease.

What is it called when the British ships would not let the American ships out to sea?

the British blockade

How many British ships were lost during Spanish Armada?

None of the British ships were lost.

How many prison ships invaded from England?


Why were sailors deserting the British navy to join the American navy?

Conditions on American ships were far superior to that of British ships.

What are two diseases that were easily spread on prison ships?


Where did the word BRIG derive from as far as being used when refering to military prison?

The term derives from the US Navy's use of twin mast sailing ships, or brigs, as prison ships.

How did the British interfere with the US trade?

the british were kidnaping americans to work on british ships

How many ships were in the British fleet attacking Sullivan's Island?

9 ships.

Why did British ships attack American ships in 1812?

They technically didn't attack the ships. What they did was impress the American sailors into the British Navy. This means that they captured American sailors and forced them to join the British Navy and fight the French (Napoleon).

Compare submarines and ships?

Ships try to avoid sinking, submarines sink on purpose...

What was the purpose of the Bataan death march?

The purpose was to march the POW's to a prison camp,

What was the flag on the ships in the First Fleet?

The ships of the First Fleet carried the British flag.

What was the practice of impressment?

It's where sailors on American ships who were suspected of being British nationals trying to avoid service in the British navy were taken prisoner and pressed into service on British ships

When did Samuel prescott die in prison?

he died in a British prison on the 26th of december 1777.

What was the British practice of removing British deserters from American ships called?


How did british soldiers get to France in 1914?

In ships.

What is the purpose of the military draft?

To Build more ships for the NavyTo Build more ships for the Navy