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Depends on what type of weapon you are asking about. Assuming you mean a shoulder fired weapon it would range anywhere from 100 yards (smooth bore musket) to 1000 yards (and in the case of some specialized rifles even more).

If you talking about artillery again it would vary with type piece, size of piece and the type projectile anywhere from a few hundred yards to several miles.

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Q: What was the range of civil war weapons?
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How many melee weapons were there in the Civil War?

there were seventy six melee weapons in the civil war.

What is some weapons in the civil war?

Muskets, swords pistols knives and long range ballistic missiles ( kidding about the missiles)

Did drummer boys of the civil war carry weapons?

No, drummer boys of the civil war did not carry weapons. All they did is drum.

Were there pink weapons in the civil war?


Why is the civil war considered the modern war?

the weapons

Country whose civil war gave Germany chance to test weapons?

The Spanish Civil war provided opportunities for the equipment and weapons to be tested.

Why did they use weapons during the civil war?

the weapons used during the civil war were not only for killing people but to get the union back together and win the war.

What amunition what more accurate and lethal during the civil war?

Rifled firearms, greatly extending the range of weapons, both for artillery and infantry.

What kind of weapons were in the civil war?


Southern weapons in civil war?

mostly they relied off the weapons they had with England smuggling in weapons

What weapons did they use in the civil war in England?

Weapons used during the English Civil War included swords and other bladed weapons, and fire arms including simple muskets and cannon.

Why was America's Civil War so deadly?

More efficient weapons with greater range and accuracy, but almost nothing in the way of medical facilities and supplies.