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It gave the the allies access into air bases to hit mainland Italy and forced German troops away from the Soviet Union during the battle of Kursk and opened up room for more allied assaults.

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Q: What was the result of the Allied attack on Sicily?
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What island did allied forces begin their attack on mainland Italy from?


As a result of the allied attack on Sicily?

After Sicily was attacked by the Allies, it was obvious that Italy was going to be next. By then, much of the Italian Army was either killed or taken prisoner, and an Allied invasion could not be repulsed. Therefore, Mussolini was overthrown and Italy entered into negotiations for surrender. The German Army quickly moved to occupy Italy and prepare for the forthcoming Allied invasion.

When did Allied invasion of Sicily happen?

Allied invasion of Sicily happened on 17-07-09.

Who won the invasion of Sicily?

The 1943 Invasion of Sicily resulted in an Allied victory.

Did the allied win the battle of Sicily?


Where was the first allied offensive in Europe?

The first Allied offensive in Europe was in Sicily, in Italy.

Which of these was not related to the Allied island-hopping strategy?


Where was the first allied offensive in western Europe?

The first Allied offensive in Europe was in Sicily, in Italy.

Operation husky was codename for what invasion?

The Allied Invasion of Sicily.

Did allied forces cross the mediterreanean sea from Africa to Sicily?

yes, the allied forces were headed to Sicily to conquer more land and power during World War II.

When did the alies land in Sicily?

From Wikipedia: Sicily There was an allied invasion of Sicily during World War II starting on July 10, 1943. In preparation of the invasion of Sicily, the Allies revitalised the Mafia to aid them. The invasion of Sicily contributed to the July 25 crisis; in general the Allied victors were warmly embraced by the Sicilian population.

What was a result of the Allied attack on Sicily?

The Allied Forces repelled the Nazis from Sicily. The townspeople gave them a big hurray. The bad part was that the Nazis got away to the main land of Italy and this forced the Allied Forces to fight those particular Nazis again. Had the Allied Forces been paying attention to the Nazis they would have tried to prevent the Nazis from escaping. Instead the Brits and the Americans were playing "I am going to beat you to the other end of the island and get those Nazis on my way there." General Patton and Field Marshal Montgomery were reprimanded for their childish behavior and allowing the Nazis to escape or rather withdraw.

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