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The Catholic Church has never issued rewards for anybody. The only thing that the Catholic Church did to Martin Luther was to formalize his excommunication, see it at the link below:

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Q: What was the reward against Martin Luther for the Catholic Church?
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Why was Saint Ignatius of Loyola against Martin Luther?

Martin Luther was considered a heretic by the Catholic Church.

Who was the person who protested against the Roman Catholic Church?

Martin Luther

A Christian who protested against the Catholic Church?

Martin Luther was the one who protested against the catholic church (pope) for selling indulgences.

Why was the Catholic Church threatened by Martin Luther?

.Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church was never "threatened" by Martin Luther.

Who was the German monk that protested against abuses in the Catholic Church in 1517?

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How did Martin Luther effect on people?

Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation against the Catholic Church. Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights Movement. Which do you mean?

Sino si martin luther?

Martin Luther was a religious rebellion leader in England. He started the Lutheran Church, and fought against the Catholic monarchs.

Why did Martin Luther nail the 95 theses to the church door?

Martin Luther was angered by the corruption and what he saw as ludicrous beliefs of the catholic church. So he nailed his theses as a protest against it thus starting the Reformation.

Who was highly critical of what he considered the excess of Roman Catholic Church?

Martin Luther is the most well known however there are many who were against the excess of the catholic church.........

What does protastant mean?

the word Protestant comes from when St. Martin Luther (Not martin Luther king) led protests against the Catholic church. It came from the word protest.

Why did the Catholic Church abduct little girls and was this one of Martin Luther's complaints?

The Catholic Church never abducted little girls and, no, this was not a complaint of Martin Luther.

Who stopped the war with Martin Luther and the Church?

.Catholic AnswerThere was never a "war" with Martin Luther and the Church, the question is not valid.