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What was the role of China in World War 1?


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China remained neutral between 1914 and 1917, but declared a war against the Alliance in 1917.


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china was in world war 1 because it was a WORLD WAR that would mean it was a war of our world.........

who was the leader of china in world war one

None. Germany was never at war with China.

China officially joined in World War 1 on August 14th, 1917. They joined the allies and declared war on the countries of Germany and Austria.

Denmark was a neutral country in World War I

No, not World War I. There was a Japanese invasion of China that was one of the things leading to World War II.

China didnt fight in world war 1, and japan was invading and masacreing the Chinese in ww2.

Nationalism played a major role in the cause of World War 1. In addition, militarism, alliance, and imperialism played a major role.

The church played a BIG ROLE!

The Middle East played a large role in World War 1. Their sultan declared a military jihad (holy war) against France, Russia and Great Britain during World War 1.

During the first world war, while all the men joined the army to fight in the war, the women left behind at home worked in the factories making machinery and weapons for the soldiers to use overseas. This caused them to not have anybody bossing them around and they got a sense of liberty that they campaigned to keep after the war.

Reconnasissance (scouting).

According to the records, there were no recorded Chinese citizen deaths in World War I. The war never made it to the borders of China.

The economy of China in the world war 1 period was that it was in a bad shape.

World War 2Another answer:China also fought in World War 1. They sent a division to Europe. They kicked a German Colony out of China.They fought in the Korean War against the United States.

During World War 1 known at the time as The Great War, Hemingway drove an ambulance.

America's role in World War 1 was that of a peace maker. America maintained a bystander attitude for a large part of the war and only entered to end it and instigate the peace process.

Russia's role in World War 1 was to protect Serbia. Another reason was because she was of the Triple Entente along with France and Britain she had to support them in the war.

Sweden played a very small role in World War 1 and World War 2. They were a neutral nation. In World War 2 they did help 700 Jews escape from the Nazis in Denmark.

Puerto Rico's role in World War 1 was non combative. In most cases, the Puerto Ricans would serve as doctors in American armies.

they were an allie in 1914 before the US joined the war

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