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Q: What was the role of slavery in the colonial America?
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Was slavery the basis for freedom in colonial America?


Why was slavery introduced in colonial America?

it was introduced in 2012

What aretwo undemocratic features of the colonial america?

Two undemocratic features of the colonial America were slavery and unequal voting rights

What was the role of the church in colonial education?

If your question is about Colonial America, then the role of the Catholic Church was practically non-existent as, for the most part, colonial America was settled by puritans and other protestants.

Did all regions colonies work with slavery?

In Colonial America, all colonies had slavery when the Revolutionary War began.

Was slavery banned in colonial America?

No, it wasn't. In fact, slavery was said to be a "holy thing". on studyisland the answer was indentured servitude

What was the role of money in colonial America?

The role of money in colonial America is to provide supplies to live. For more information, go to http:/ hope this helped!

Do you believe sermons played a significant religious role in colonial America?

Yes. Powerful preachers were found in colonial America and these men played a major role in the religious life of the colonists.

In Colonial America slavery replaced what labor system?

indentured servitude (Study Island)

In what period was there chattel slavery in the US?

There was chattel slavery existing in the United States of America during the colonial times, slavery was around in our country from about 1619 to 1789.

What role did women have in colonial America?

To take care of house needs

In Colonial America the spread of what industry is most often associated with the early development of slavery?