What was the role of the sumerians men?

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What role did the men play on sumerians sociry?

The Sumerians put the domination of men over women into law; the men were the head of the Sumerian household as well as hunters, gathers, fisherman, and warriors.

Why did sumerians created the role?

To document the events.

Who served a role between the sumerians and the gods?


Who served as a role between the Sumerians and the gods?


Who served the a role between the Sumerians and the gods?

farmer. yourwellcome if i helpedyou

Who served the role between the sumerians and the god?

The king or the high priestess.

What were the yurok men and women's roles in this tribe?

Men role Is: fishing, and hunting Women role: ?

What was the role for Mayan men?

Mayan Men roles

What role did men play in 16th century?

the good role

What is the role Navajo men had?

Navajo men hunted and they were the leaders.

What was the role of men in the Qin dynasty?

The role of men in the Qin dynasty was simply working on the great wall !!!!! If not, they would get executed!!

British history 1550-1650 plus role of men?

british history 1550-1650 role of men

What is a sentence for sumerians?


What is the role of men in modern world?

the role of men n the modern world is no longet to be the sole breadwinner they now have to dowomen's work

When men take in mushroom a decomposer as food what is the ecological role of men?

Men are considered consumers.

What is the role of men and women in Christianity?

the role of men and women is that men work all day every day . women ; stay home and chill and smoke that bud C;

Did sumerians have money?

The Sumerians did have money, the Sumerians used carved shell for money

What role did the temple play in sumerian society?

The role it played was the center of Sumerian lives. Sumerians worshiped gods in the temple, called a ziggurat, and that's why the ziggurat is the largest structure and in the center of the village. The ziggurat gave Sumerians a place to worship their gods, who they believe can prevent disasters and created humans to serve them, so that's their main purpose in life. This was the role the temple played in Sumerian society.

Who did the sumerians fight with?

With other Sumerians

What was the role of men in mesopotamia?

the men's role is that they have to hunt animals,and cut trees.

What are the role of women and men in China?

i think it dresses for the women and men for suits

The 1st most important role of men in ancient Egypt?

the men of Egypt

What is the role of men in Saudi?

In Saudi Arabia, men are seen as superior to women.

What was men role in jumano tribe?

jumano men took care of the tribe

What is the role of men in Indian families?

In India men earn money for the family.