What was the rwandan genocide about?

The genocide was all about two tribes in the country, Hutus and Tutsis. The Hutus wanted to kill the Tutsis and called them mean names and stuffand it turned into a genocide

On october 1,1990 Tutsi decraled a war to overthrow the government of General Juvenal Habyalimana.The latter was an ally of the french while the british government and The United states endorsed and militariry sponsored the tutsi through Uganda.The Tutsi launched Muhabura a hate speech Radio,
in retaliation the hutu launched RTLM also a hutu hate speech as well hutu ten commandments.Paul Kagame the then Tutsi Rebel Leader inititiated the mass slaughter of more than two million hutus and shot down Habyalimana's airplane as it latter came to be revealed(bruguire charge sheet)while hutu militia also masscred another half a million innocent tutsis and hutus who opposed the genocide or who were politically opposing the then ruling party policies.
kagame exported the genocede to the Hutu populated eastern Drc where he has personnally made six million victims. the reason for killing hutus and castigating the survivors is to make sure they never uprise against him.
The united states continues to support him because he protects their interest in the region.(this is un biased eyewitness account)