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Since the publication of the report it has affected education in many ways. The main way is that it is a philosophy that education is a business. Looking at education as a business changes the purpose of education and the outcomes. A business sole purpose is to make a profit, but the objective of education is to prepare children for the future. This creates a conflict within education because education is within the affective domain and when looked at as a business that is taken out of education. When the Humanism is removed that leaves the business model of education that looks at educational service in a profit/loss model. It sets up competition between school systems, and teachers as well as extensive standardized testing as a measurement of success. This is exactly what has happened in education today. It is getting to the point that we need to put the child first before the business model and realize what a child needs to learn.

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it warned that schools needed to do more educate students about AIDS

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i dk

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Q: What was the significance of the 1983 department of Department of Education report a nation at risk?
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